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Lando 3 Pip - Source of “Results”

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Do the “matching results” added by Lando’s 3-Pip for either attacking or defending come from added dice, or are the results added to the pool clerically without adding dice?

In other words, does the rulebook specify that “results” (of any kind) must come from dice, or is it inferred that all results are generated from dice?

This is intended to clarify if a defender may roll defense dice against bonus crit results added by Lando’s 3 Pip, since the defender only gets to roll a defense die against hit or crit results on an attacker’s dice, per step 7, Roll Defense Dice, of Attack.

“Results” appear to be separate from dice, RAW, as seen in the wording of the cancel entry in the RRG, which specifies the result from the die is ignored after the die is removed. 

Note: My assumption is, RAI, you get defense dice against the added Lando 3 Pip Matching Results - but RAW argument can be made that the added Results are separate from Results from Attack Dice, and therefore defender does not get to roll defense dice against the clerically added crit results.


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