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Armor 1 on B2 battle droids

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Is the armor keyword (Armor 1) on B2 battle droids cumulative?  So, if the unit has 4 minis, is it Armor 4 when defending?  Or 3 minis being Armor 3?


It appears that way, as Tauntauns have Ram 1, but it sounds like EACH model gets it in an attack so 'Ram 2' for a full unit of Tauns.


Another example could be Impact Grenades with Impact 1.  Would the attack have Impact 1 for each grenade?  So a unit of 6 models is Impact 6?  Or is it Impact 1 after all dice are thrown? 


Are attack and defence keywords different in that regard?  (cumulative per model?)


Thank you in advance!



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Hey there, 

Armor 1 on the B2 battledroids is a unit keyword. Because there is one total unit of B2 droids, the keyword doesn’t change based on the number of miniatures in the unit. 

Ram 1 on the other hand does stack, because for each instance of that weapon in an attack pool, you get that weapons dice and keywords. This is the same for your impact grenade example - each grenade thrown also increases the value of impact in the pool. 

Hope that helps! 


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