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Composure on Tie/Se bombers

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Pursuit Thrusters: During the System Phase, you may perform a [White Boost] action.

Composure: After you fail an action, if you have no green tokens, you may perform a  action. If you do, you cannot perform additional actions this round.

If I fail a boost in the system phase do I still get the perform action step after fully executing my maneuver?

closest I can get to an answer would be adaptive alierons and gas clouds... Gas Cloud: After executing the maneuver, roll one attack die. On a [focus] or [hit] result, the ship gains one strain token. Then the ship skips its Perform Action step this roundAdaptive Ailerons: Before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed, you must execute a white [1 bank ], [1 straight ], or [1 bank ] maneuver.

and finally in RRG 

Q: Do TIE Strikers (and Reapers) skip their perform action step if they overlap an asteroid or another ship with their Aileron’s ability maneuver? A: No. It is only during the Execute Maneuver step that a ship skips its Perform Action step for overlapping a ship or obstacle.


Thank you

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