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Cohesion through difficult terrain doesn't reduce movement?

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Two questions for the situation in the image. The terrain marked 'X' is difficult to move through. Also, can you please refer me to RRG rules that govern these situations? I could not find them.

  1. Sab unit leader moves from A to B. Is the second mini in the unit in a legal cohesion placement (terrain 'X' is difficult to move through)?
  2. If this same unit started its move from position 'B', can it unit move from B to A, using its full 2-speed movement? (terrain 'X' doesn't affect its movement because the unit leader isn't crossing terrain 'X')

Based on my reading of the RRG, the answer to both questions is Yes. 

The "DIFFICULT TERRAIN" entry in the RRG has the following rule that seems applicable to this situation: "While performing a standard move, a unit that would move
through or enter difficult terrain with any of its minis has its maximum speed reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.

I don't believe non-leader minis do any moving, only unit leaders, so I think this A to B move unit wouldn't have any minis "move through or enter difficult terrain". The unit leader hasn't moved through terrain 'X' in either case, and neither mini moved INTO terrain 'X'.

This is important because if the move is legal, it would get cover from terrain 'X' if attacked from an enemy unit near position 'A'. If the move isn't legal, the 2ns mini in the unit would have be placed on the south side of terrain 'X' and get no cover from an attack originating near 'A'



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Hey there,

Yes to both. The unit would only be slowed if the terrain was noted as "Area Terrain" that was difficult for troopers before the game started. Also, one of the Scout Trooper miniatures would have to be in the terrain. You already quoted the relevant section of the RRG. 


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