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ruthless tactics and observation tokens

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Hello there!


I have a question regarding a trooper unit under fire , i.e. with courage 2, and Kallus pip3 effect.


The unit was attacked twice, both with ranged attacks, each time with suppressive weapon. I assume that thanks to first attack the unit gained 2 observation tokens. Worth noting, mentioned first pair of observation tokens have not been spent during the second attack.


So, finally, what happens after the second attack with suppressive weapon:

A ) 2 observation tokens stay and that is all

B ) Unit is gaining 2 more tokens (now 4 in total)

C ) Unit is gaining 4 more tokens (now 6 in total)


*and gained 4 suppression tokens in total.


So, is the sum of 2 tokens the highest possible and it cannot be greater?

Putting it another way, could we attack one particular unit many Times and stack such tokens? What is the exact mechanics for the number of observation tokens that we can achieve?


Thank You for your time and help, best wishes

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Hey there, 

The defending unit gains an observation token when it is the defender of a ranged attack, or two tokens if the suppression is equal to or greater than it’s courage value. The first attack with a suppressive weapon would give you two observation tokens (because that’s equal to your courage value), and then you would gain two more after the second attack (for the same reason). The total # of observation tokens would be 4. 


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