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Vehicles cover from elevation

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Does REPULSOR HOVER GROUND vehicles (like AAT or SABER) benefits from cover while they are on some kind of elevation or they must be obscured in 50%?

Also same question for REPULSOR SPEEDER X type vehicles (like STAP, Airspeeder or Speederbikes) - does they benefit from higher ground cover like troopers or they also need to be 50% obscured by terrain?



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Hey there, 

Ground vehicles follow the same rules as other units when calculating cover. If the terrain they are on was determined to give that unit cover during the pregame discussion, then it would give the unit cover if they are on top of it (because the line from attacker to defender goes through the terrain). 

Bases and flight stands are ignored when checking to see if a repulsor vehicle has cover. Because of this rule, it’s not common for them to receive cover when on top of terrain, but it can happen if the non base/flight stand part of the miniature is obscured by the terrain. 


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