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Models to get cover, need half covered?

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On page 8 it mentions as a general rule a model needs to be half blocked by terrain to gain cover.

On page 31 under the cover rules there is no mention of the "half blocked" statement for a model to gain cover 

Is the page 8 statement just short hand and the real rules for how models gain cover page 31?

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Hey there - cover is a two step process that I’ll outline below. 

The rules on page 8 are part of the pre game discussion players have, where you check miniatures against the terrain on the table. If the piece of terrain is equal to or greater than 50% of the miniatures height, then it may give that unit cover during the game. 

When you’re playing the game, if that same piece of terrain obscures the unit while it is defending against a ranged attack, and the line drawn from the attacking unit leader to the defending unit crosses 50% or more of the miniatures, then the unit receives the benefit of that cover. 


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