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Different Attackpools, LoS and Wounds

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Hello there.

currently in our group we are discussing the following situation.
I need a clarification, if we played it wrong or not.

Attention: Paint-Skills incoming 🙂



The blue unit (L = Leader; S= Sniper/ different weapon) moves and want to shoot at the Red Unit (B1 with Worker Droid ("A"); "B" is a default Trooper).
The blue sniper ("S") builds a new attack pool and shoots on the orange unit, but has LOS to the blue "B".
The blue leader (and the Rest of the unit) only have LOS to the Worker Droid, but the Sniper has LOS to another model in that unit.

Now does the blue unit (without sniper) 1 wound to the red unit.

Question: Who got the wound? The Worker Droid, because that was the only model seen by the attack pool or model blue "B" because it was seen by blue "S"?

Imo i think that only the worker droid is killed, because the Sniper isn't a part from the attack-pool, so it is no attacker against the red unit, but maybe i'm wrong with it.


Here the Parts from the referenz pdf:


During an attack, if line of sight to a mini in the defender
is blocked from all minis in the attacker, that mini in the
defender cannot suffer wounds.

Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender.

Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons
remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the
player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool
with the new weapons.



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