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Command card effects and coordinate

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Hello there,

I have a question related to the command card effects: do the command card effects are transmitted by the coordinate keywords if the command card states "When a unit is issued an order using this card".

For example: let's say I have three units of B1 droids and 1 unit of B2 droids. During the command phase I play the card "Roger, Roger", and I issue the three orders of the card to the B1 droids (who gain one dodge or one surge each). I use then "Coordinate" from one of the B1 droids unit to give an order to the B2 droids unit. Does this unit also gains one dodge or one surge through the coordinate?

I believe it does not, considering the aforementionned quote of the command card implying that the order given to the B2 droids unit is given by the B1 unit and not the command card, but I would like a confirmation.

Thanks in advance !

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