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Does the Stormtrooper Specialist contribute dice to the attack pool?

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Both the Stormtrooper Captain and Stormtrooper Specialist are labeled as "Stormtrooper only" which makes me think that they both contribute the same attack dice as a standard Stormtrooper. Is this correct? 

What about the Imperial Comms Technician?

How would a player know when a Personnel Upgrade card does or does not add dice?


Thank you for your clarification,



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Hey there, 

Personnel upgrades have the same statistics, keywords, and abilities of the unit they are attached to unless stated otherwise. A comms technician would make a ranged attack with a single black die in a shoretrooper unit, and use a single white die during a ranged attack with a stormtrooper unit. 

When a personnel upgrade has the Noncombatant keyword, they cannot contribute to attacks (such as medical droids as repair bots). 

Hope that helps! 


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