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Player A has 1 not activated character left in the action phase. 

Player B ends the activation of his last character in this round.

Player A will get a turn to play tactic cards and chooses to play price of failure, before activating his last character. With price of failure he KO's the last character still left to activate. Now there are no more characters for both players left to activate. This would force player A to do a pass because he can't activate anything. 

Who would in this case get priority the following round? 

The rulebook says: "If the player that activated the last model of the Activation Phase has the Priority token, they pass it to their opponent." In this case that would mean that player B has activated the last model so Player A would get priority although player A had the last turn of the round. 

Just wanted to get a confirmation that my interpretation is correct, and this is how price of failure is intended.


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