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Difference between turn and activation

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What is the difference between your turn and your activation? 

The rulebook never states when your activation ends only when your turn ends. 

page 14 of the rulebook says: "as soon as the previous player has declared their turn is over, the next player begins their turn.

page 21 of the rulebook says: If a character is dazed during their activation, their activation immediately ends. 

This previous forum post has some weird interactions with the above parts in the rulebook.

Am I to understand correctly that your turn ends if my character gets dazed by a enemy counter strike during it's activation, even if i don't want to declare my turn has ended? The reason for me not wanting to end the turn is to maybe use patch up or disarm with other characters. 

The above rulings seem to contradict with the rulebook in my eyes and are very confusing. If this was intended will the rulebook be updated to say: "Your turn ends when your activation ends"

And: "Your activation ends when you declare so"




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Players alternate turns and during their turn may activate a character or pass. Before activating a character a player may play active Team Tactic cards if applicable. An activation ends when the turn ends which is when the player declares it has ended or when it is forced to end due to another effect such as the activating character being Dazed during the activation

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