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Arsenal (weapon range)

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There is a bit of a dispute within my circle with the keyword Arsenal. Specifically using two weapons on a target that is within range of only one of the weapons.

From the Rules Reference:

"ARSENAL  • To use a weapon during an attack, the defender must be at or within any of the weapon’s ranges."

Some folks think that means that as long as one of the two weapon's is in range, it doesn't matter if they other is. Others think it is just reinforcing the fact that to declare an eligible defender, they have to be in range of at least one of your weapons options.


Example: A TX-225 GAVw Occupier attacking a unit at range 3 with both default weapons. Those two weapons being ranges 1-2 and 1-4 respectively. Does the long range weapon being in range, allow for the shorter range weapon to also attack the unit at range 3, because of the Arsenal keyword?


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