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Take the Station : Pass tokens

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How do pass tokens work in the Take the Station scenario?


It seems everything in the pass token mechanic hinges on the first-second player interaction. For situations where there are more than 2 players(like Take the Station) how are the rules determined?

e.g.1. how many pass tokens does a player with 3 ships gain, when his other three opponents have 1, 2, and 4 ships respectively?

e.g.2 The third player may pass their turn if they do not have more unactivated ships than the second player? (And likewise fourth player) So does the current player take reference of unactivated ships only from the player that preceded him/her?

e.g.3 "A player cannot spend a pass token on consecutive turns during the same Ship Phase." Does consecutive turns apply for 3+ players, and thus a player can spend another pass token when it comes his turn to activate again? Or does one cycle of activating ships count as a single 'turn'?

Thank you.

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