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Vader's might move creature troopers to roofs

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Can Vader's Might be used to place a Dewback or Tauntaun, or any other non-clambering unit on a roof or other a high flat surface?


As per below:

"You cannot place a trooper unit into terrain it normally wouldn't be able to move to."


Such action would be illegal 🤷


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Hey there, 

You can use Vader’s might to place a Dewback or Taun Taun onto terrain, such as the roof of a building that it normally wouldn’t be able to climb up on. The ruling you quoted is specific to terrain you can’t physically place the models in (such as an impassible lake, or inside an otherwise inaccessible piece of terrain. 

This situation would be similar to placing either unit on top of a building during Deployment. Just because the unit cannot get down from the terrain, doesn’t mean it’s illegal to do so. 


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