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Beam multiple characters and Lethal Protector or Heroes for Hire.

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Example: Beam covers 2, or more, characters.
Venom is under the range tool for the beam.
Venom plays Lethal Protector and is placed within Range 1 of another Character in the beam before Venom is rolled against.. (attacker chose not to roll against Venom first)
Venom is now no longer under the range tool for the beam.
Venom is beside the original location of the beam.

Is venom attacked once or twice?

Same question using Heroes for Hire substituting Luke Cage, or Iron Fist, in the place of Venom.

Can this Place move be used to put him beyond the beam range?

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When a beam is declared and the template placed, all of the enemy characters touching the template will be attacked.

Unless a rule requires the range and LOS of the attack to be remeasured, such as Loki’s Trickster, a target moving out of the beam will not stop the attack from progressing against it.

In your example, Venom is attacked twice. 

The answer to your second question is “yes” but placing the target farther than the template can reach will not stop the attack for the same reasons given above.

Heroes for Hire has the same interaction.


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