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Repulsors and displacement

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I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I can't find an answer and I want to make sure I understand the rules correctly. Specifically regarding the Republic saber tank. 

Repulsor movement says that it can only displace minis during a mandatory move but the saber tank doesn't have a mandatory move (that I'm aware of). Does this mean that the saber tank can never displace trooper minis and it's possible to lock in a tank with possible trooper entrapment?  I'm also assuming this is why rebels have reckless driver to help the AA5 run over troopers?



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Hey there, 

The Saber tank has Hover: Ground. When a unit with hover: ground moves, it is treated as a ground vehicle and will displace trooper units as it moves. 

The Reckless Driver not only displaces miniatures, but can also cause damage to a units it displaces. 


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