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Panicked Units in Melee

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Given a Creature Trooper can displace minis (triggering a suppression on the displaced unit) and engage them in melee as answered here:

  • A Dewback attacks that unit it displaced in the same activation in melee (its melee attack is Suppressive), giving that Defender at least 2 total Suppression (Displacement + Suppressive Melee attack + any existing Suppression it had beforehand)
  • The defending unit subsequently activates that round and has sufficient Suppression to be panicked after its rally step
  • Is the panicked unit required to Withdraw or does it sit in melee doing nothing given its panicked state?
  • A similar scenario could occur with another Suppressive effect like a Saboteur's Charge going off within R1, Annihilation Looms is played at top of the next round, etc. adding sufficient Suppression to panic one or both units

Lastly, if a Creature Trooper (a Dewback specifically) panics, is it a) required to spur for its panic move and b) if it has Endurance, does it lose a Suppression at the end of its activation?


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Hey there, 

A panicked unit would have to withdraw during its activation. 

A creature trooper would be forced to used Spur during a panic move, and would still trigger endurance. Note Endurance triggers at the end of the activation phase, when all units have finished activating, not at the end of that units activation. 


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