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Covert ops and List building limits

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Does covert ops allow the army building limit of two operatives to be broken since the rank is changed during deployment?  Example: A list that contains Cassian, K2SO and Sabine would be legal (with one commander and two operatives) before the game starts and at the beginning of the game until deployment happens.  Do the limits of the number of each rank you can have last through the whole game or just during army building?  Since you can end up with less than the minimum required corps or commanders as they are killed off, can you gain more than the maximum by way of game play elements such as the covert ops rules?



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Hey there, 

The limit of two Operatives is present during the list building process. Because Covert Ops comes into play during Deployment, you could not initially build a list with 3 Operatives. However, during the game that limit could be broken by using Covert Ops (by turning a Commander into an Operative) as that limit only exists during list building. 

Hope that helps! 


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