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One Unit, Two Attack Pools, and Hunter

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Sorry for all the questions. I am prepping my list for the Dallas Open (first tourney) and want to make sure I have everything correct, rules-wise. The below scenario came up in one of my practice games this weekend.


  • Inferno Squad has Hunter. Within its range is a wounded Op Luke (with dodges) and a wounded unit of Tauns.
  • Inferno splits fire, Del Meeko at Op Luke and rest of Inferno at Tauns. Intent is to get benefit of High Velocity on Op Luke and just blast Tauns as they are in R3 and LOS.
  • Since the unit has Hunter and Hunter takes effect at the roll attack dice step and the target for that pool is Wounded, does Inferno get an aim from Hunter for each target?

We played it as "yes," but it seemed pretty powerful with Marksman in play for both pools and Lethal for Del Meeko's pool.

Thanks again!


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