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Base contact in melee attack

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In a game this situation occurred:

Vader was touching a barrier of crates. He made a saber throw to a unit of Royal guards and force push a unit of stormtroopers into melee to prevent the Royal Guards from charging into melee.

the Royal guards step above the crates near the side were Vader’s base was in contact with the crates and declared the melee attack anyway. Is this possible? Can a melee take place at different levels with no contact between the bases?



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Hey there, 

If the players are not using silhouettes, a unit must make base to base contact to start an engagement. Additionally, if the vertical space separating the two bases is less than the thickness of a standard STAR WARS: LEGION base base contact can be established. 

If the players are using silhouettes, base contact can be made if the vertical space separating the two bases is less than the height of the official silhouette. This would be a situation where contact with made using one units base, and the others silhouette. 


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