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Are the damages from an enemy effect grouped or separated

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Some enemy effects (attack like Voodoo's Spirit Venom, or reactive like Ghost-rider's Wicked's Judgment) inflict damages depending on the dice rolls' symbols obtained.
If you would roll, say 3 Wild with Spirit Venom or 3 Critical while using Wicked's Judgement, are these damages applicated as 1 enemy effect of 3 damages, or 3 enemy effects of 1 damage each?

It changes a lot of things for abilities which reduce damages or gain power. In exemple, if it would mean 3 damages from 1 enemy effect, Rogue could lower the amount by 1 while she couldn't if is 3 effects of 1 damage. At the opposite, if it's 3x1 damage, Juggernaut could pay 3 times to prevent them all.
Same for Sin gaining power when suffering damage, etc.

Thanks a lot!

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