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Hit and Run, Fast Draw, Parting Shot

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During Bullseye's activation he uses the Hit and Run superpower and declares an attack on Hawkeye. Bullseye is not within Range 3 and Hawkeye uses his Fast Draw superpower to make an Arrow Shot at Bullseye. After the Arrow Shot is resolved Bullseye uses the Parting Shot superpower against Hawkeye to deal 1 damage and advance Short away from Hawkeye. 

Bullseye is still in the process of resolving Hit and Run but with the Short advance from Parting Shot he is no longer within Range 4 of Hawkeye. 


Since Bullseye cannot attack Hawkeye does he resolve the Move Action from Hit and Run and then gain another Action?


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33 minutes ago, RJ1040 said:

Or is Bullseye still able to attack Hawkeye because LOS and Range were already established in step 2 of the Attack sequence?


Yes, Bullseye’s attack continues because it is already past the point where range and LOS is determined. 

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