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"They too will suffer" vs "Voracious Ambition"

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Had this come up in a game recently where the above command cards were played together.

1 - If both effects are triggered, which takes priority? I had thought that as active player, Voracious would go first, which would then cause the condition for Suffer to not be met as a token was no longer being pulled from the pool.


2 - If the droid player names a token that is on Voracious but not the regular pool, is it still forced?


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Hey there, 

1. Voracious ambition triggers when you would draw an order token from your order pool. “They Too Will Suffer” triggers the first time your opponent would draw a random order from their order pool. Because Voracious isn’t a random order from your pool, the card text on “They Too Will Suffer” doesn’t apply. The text would apply later in the turn when the Krennic player draws a random order from their pool.

2. No. The face-down order tokens on the Voracious Ambition card are not in the order token bag to be drawn.


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