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Cover and LOS query

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Good day

Could the attached just be clarified in terms of cover? The Phase 2 Unit is attacking the Droideka unit which is obstructed by the barricade from the viewpoint of  P1 - P3 (non-leader members of the unit).

Is obstruction/cover only determined from the unit leader? This would mean the droidekas do not get cover?

The argument was raised that:
a) the unit leader is not touching the cover and thus it is not ignored? 

b) the barricade is obstructing the droidekas for unit members P1 - P3 who are not touching the barricade and thus the droidekas get cover?

Cover question.jpg

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Hey there, 

Range and cover is calculated from the attacking unit leader. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the view from the other attacking miniatures would go through cover. 

Also, note that barricades do not provide Droidekas with cover in the first place, as per the RRG Correction Thread at the top of this forum. 


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