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Wound on Strike Team, but No Line Of Sight to One Mini

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This is a common scenario, where your strike team sniper (the unit leader) is peeking out to take a range 5 shot, and the other mini is hidden behind a piece of terrain (blocking LoS to the non-sniper mini) usually providing heavy cover to the unit.


If that strike team takes one wound, you would remove the non-sniper (non-leader) mini.  Once that mini is removed, does the unit leader (sniper) have to be moved to take the last position of the non-sniper mini, back behind the terrain and now out of line of sight?


Or do you simply remove the non-leader mini that was out of sight (choosing which mini to remove as stated on page 87 of the RRG), leaving the leader/sniper in the same position?


Thank you in advance!

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