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Character requirement to use tactic card

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Hello, I got a question on tactic card.


The rulebook says on the team tactic card : 

"...A player may play active team tactic cards at any time during their turn. ...Tactic cards only when the listed trigger condition is met and only once per triggering event."

I don't see any character requirement to use team card - that said, it doesn't have to be a character's turn to use a card that specifies that character?


For example, Cosmic Invigoration

'Active. If Red Skull is within range 2 of another allied character with an Activated token, they may spend 2 powers each to play this card.'

It requires Red Skull to be within range 2" of an allied character and spend 2 powers each, but doesn't require it to be 'Red Skull's turn'. 

So can I use this card when it's not Red Skull's activation turn? Any allied character's turn, not only Red Skull's.


Likewise, Patch up :

'Active. Choose a non-dazed allied character. Another allied character within range 2 of the chosen character may spend up to 5 powers to play this card.'

It doesn't need to be the character's turn to be healed? I can use it anytime when it's one one my character's activation?


Thanks in advance

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Your initial question is very broad. There are a lot of different styles of active team tactic cards so it's typically easier to answer in regards to particular cards.

Cosmic Invigoration does not require Red Skull to be activating to use it.

Patch Up is the same way. It does not require a character to be activating to use it.

Compare these two cards to Thunderwave and Unearthly Rage which do have to be used during a character's activation--Thor in Thunderwave's case and anyone in Unearthly Rage's case. 

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