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Wakandan Herbs + Nothing Stops the Juggernaut / Hell on Wheels

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43 minutes ago, Darkundo said:

Can I use the above mentioned superpowers if the character is holding the herbs?

Wakandan Herbs restricts a character holding them to one move action each activation. 

The listed superpowers do not have the character perform a move action so the character may move when using them regardless of if it has used a move action. 

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Good. So I can Move (once) and use the superpower. 


Still, I am a bit confused about the definition of move action.


I thought that push/throw/advance/place were all of them move actions. But now I guess I was wrong. Can you hepl me to understand pls?

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When a character activates it has two actions. Zero, one, or both of those actions can be move actions (where a character may Advance or Climb).

Push, Throw, Advance, Place, and Climb are types of movement. They are not necessarily bound to move actions as you can see with the superpowers you mentioned above. 

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