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Yoda guidance and force abilitys

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Its come up that because of one of your other posts about guidance and free actions, people are now saying you cant guidance force powers.

Guidance (from Rules ref)


When a unit uses the guidance keyword action, choose another
friendly trooper unit at range 1-2. That unit may perform a free
non-attack action.

Actions (from rules ref)


• When a unit is activated, it can perform two actions from
the following list:
» Move
» Attack
» Aim
» Dodge
» Standby
» Recover
» Card Action


looking at the list, force powers are free CARD ACTIONS, which fall  should fall under the use for yodas Guidance? if it is the selected action?

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Hey there, 

In the RRG just under the section you quoted, it’s specified that free card actions must be used during your activation. Because Guidance happens outside of the benefitting units activation, it cannot be used to perform Force powers that are free card actions. 


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