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R2-D2 and Inconspicuous

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Scenario:  R2 and a unit of Rebel Troopers are both in range of an enemy unit of Stormtroopers.  The Stormtroopers can use a ranged attack, but they are also in range to move in and perform a melee attack with either R2-D2 or the Rebel troopers.


R2-D2 has a suppression token and therefore gains Inconspicuous.  Can the Stormtroopers move into melee and attack R2-D2?  Or would the inconspicuous keyword compel them to attack the Rebel Troopers?


Can an opponent decide NOT to use a ranged attack, even with another viable target in range, and move into melee with an Inconspicuous R2-D2?

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Hey there, 

Inconspicuous doesn’t force you to perform a specific set of actions to avoid shooting R2, it only comes in to play when you make an attack action. You could start an engagement with R2 if you wish, and attack him in melee. 


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