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Command Dial+Token with Command Header Icon Effects (especially Director Krennic)

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If I resolve a command by spending a Dial and a Token, and I have some effect with that command icon as a header, how much choice do I have in the order of the different effects (the dial effect, the token effect, and the command icon header effect)?

For example, if a ship spends a CF Command Dial and Token to resolve a CF command, and has Director Krennic equipped, which of the following orders for resolving the effects would be allowed (if any any):

1. CF-Dial effect, CF-Token effect, Krennic-Dial effect, Krennic-Token effect (resolving the whole CF Command, then both Krennic effects),
2. Krennic-Dial effect, Krennic-Token effect, CF-Dial effect, CF-Token effect (resolving both Krennic effects, then both CF effects),
3. CF-Dial effect, Krennic-Dial effect, CF-Token effect, Krennic-Token effect (resolving the Krennic effect after the corresponding CF effect),
4. Krennic-Token effect, CF-Dial effect, Krennic-Dial effect, CF-Token effect (resolving in a fairly random order)?

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