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Force Projection and throwing Magneto

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2 clarifications here opportunity to use and when the effect ends.  

When throwing magneto - action or ability rather than as an effect of an attack etc. - i.e. you are specifically picking him up to chuck. Does he get an opportunity to spend 2p to Force Projection (FP) and prevent being thrown? He wont be rolling dodge dice so RAW it won't trigger, correct?
Also assume the effect of FP clears once the action\super power (attack, throw, pounce etc.) is completed and is no longer in effect at the start of the next action\super power.

Example to illustrate:

She-Hulk Vs Injured Magneto

She does 2 x Sensational upper cuts, He pays 2p each time for FP, she does 7 damage across the 2 attacks, he has 1hp left.
She then chooses to use Clear the Court to throw magneto into another character nearby.
Outcome is:

1. He is KO'd. (Throw plays out, he takes his 1 auto damage from the collision)
2. Cannot throw him because FP is still active from the last attack.

3. Can spend 2p to trigger FP for a 3rd time.


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