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Does SHIELD gain a VP if Fury is KO'd?

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As the title suggests. What happens if Nick Fury is the first character to be KO'd in a round, and SHIELD is behind on VP? Does the effect trigger off of Fury's KO or not?

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If shield has less points than their opponent and then Nick Fury Jr. is KOed does the shield player score a victory point?


On one hand Nick isn’t on the board during the triggering window.

On the other hand Sam Wilson’s leadership has very similar wording and has been ruled to trigger when he is KOed. 

So uh….does this work?

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If the shield has fewer VP's that their opponent and Nick Fury is KOed do you score the VP from the leadership?

Rules as written would make me think no, but Sam Wilson's Leadership is ruled as yes. So I'm asking.


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If the Shield team are behind on points, and Nick Fury (Jr) get's KO'ed as the first Shield character to be dazed or KO'ed that turn, does his leadership trigger to give the team 1 VP?


We played it that it doesn't, as the leadership states 'after the effect is resolved'. But by this point Nick Fury is off the table? Is that correct?

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