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Multiple attack actions outside of that unit's activation, but during another unit's activation

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Let's say I have Yoda and Anakin in my army. Anakin has gained Relentless from his permanent command card and the card played this round was Size Matters Not, so Yoda could use guidance twice legally.

Would it be legal to have, during Yoda's activation, Anakin perform two moves, with relentless triggers for two Free Attack Actions, with two Yoda Guidances?
The specific rule that is in question is a bullet in the Attack entry on page 16 of the rules where the entry states:

  • During a unit’s activation, it is possible for a unit to perform more than one attack through the use of card abilities or other game effects; however, that unit can only perform one attack action during a single activation, regardless of whether it is an attack action or a free attack action.

It's not 100% clear if this means that the limit on attack actions would still be in effect outside of that unit's activation, but wholly within another unit's activation.


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