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Quick question.  We are playing the Infinity Gauntlet Ultimate Encounter.  One player has a squad of Midnight Sons and another has a squad of Defenders.  The player with Midnight Sons uses a MS character, say Blade, to activate the Siege of Darkness tactic card which allows all their MS characters to take a free attack.  Does that also mean that any MS characters on the Defenders affiliated squad would also get a free attack?  Even though, for that scenario, they are affiliated with the Defenders and not Midnight Sons.

Thanks and have a great day!

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I think I might have found the answer to this.  Inside of the rules for Ultimate Encounters, is the following:

If a Team Tactic card refers to a character by affiliation, that character must be part of a squad using that affiliation. For example, if both players are playing squads with the Avengers affiliation, all Avengers characters may use the Avengers Assemble Team Tactic card when it is played.

So if I am reading this correctly, only the squad using MS as the affiliation could use that tactics card.  The other squad was using Defenders, even though it had MS characters in it, and as such, it would not apply to them.  Correct?

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