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Maul "His Eminence" vs Standby issuing cards

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With the reveal of Maul's new 'His Eminence' command card, I'm wondering how the interaction would work against cards that issue standbys, such as Krennic's 'Deploy the Garrison.' In this situation I'm assuming the Krennic player issues orders first. If he gives orders to units within range 1 of Maul and has them use the standby actions, would they then lose the standbys by getting suppression from Maul's card? Is that understanding correct?

If Maul has the Darksaber so he is cunning and wins the roll off, would the card not impact the the standby's since the Maul player went first?


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Hey there, 

“Deploy the Garrison” gives units a standby token at the start of the activation phase, which is after Maul gives out suppression from “His Eminence”. Cunning has no bearing on this interaction. 


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