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Assigning wounds to mutiple wound units

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Good morning,  can you explain how I can assign wounds to a unit that has minis with multiple wounds each


example:  a squad of 3 Wookiees with 3 wounds each.  They suffer 3 wounds on the first attack.  My understanding is I can spread those wounds to all three minis to have one each.  On the second attack,  they suffer 2 wounds.  Can I equally distribute those as well or do I have to assign both to one mini and remove the model?


Thank you!

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Hey there, 

You cannot spread wounds as you described. Once a wound has been allocated, all following wounds must be put on that miniature until it is defeated. The only exception is when you don’t have line of sight to a wounded miniature, then you can put wounds on the other non-wounded miniatures in the unit. 


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