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Vader's might mechanics

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I have a question regarding Vader''s might mechanics taking into consideration sections listed below:




and especially:


Question: Can a unit be moved out of base contact or into base contact with the "Vader’s Might" card effect?

Answer: Yes. A unit can be moved out of or into base contact with this effect. Note that the unit being placed in base contact must follow the rules for starting a melee, as if it was performing a move - it must have a melee weapon, can only start a melee with one enemy unit, etc



Question: When measuring the distance from the unit's current position to its new position, do you measure from unit leader to unit leader? From any mini to any mini? Or from each mini in the old position to each mini in the new position?

Answer: Each mini moved to the new position must be within range 1 of at least one mini in the unit's previous location, as if it were two different units. To do this, choose any mini in the unit, measure range 1 from that mini, and then place each mini in the unit within that range (and in cohesion with their unit leader). It is helpful to move the mini that was chosen to measure range 1 from last, after all the other minis in the unit have been moved to within range 1 of that mini.


Q) Could a trooper unit (photo) be engaged via Vader/a might effect in this situation? The unit leader is not within range 1 to the IRG. However, using one of the trooper mini (range ruler) as the reference point - the unit leader would finish his placement in melee (within range 1 of reference point). Thank you very much for a clarification. 

VM guestion.jpg

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Hey there, 

Yes. If you use one miniature as a reference point (as you’ve shown in the photo) and move the unit leader into base to base contact with the IRG, you have satisfied the text of “Vader’s Might” and started an engagement. 


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