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My question here is.

When I play One-Two Punch and then my opponent plays Bodyguard does Bodyguard stop the dice generation because they are now the new targer. 

Or are the dice generated and now the Bodyguard has to deal with the extra two dice? Which one goes off first?

Then let's say if the Bodyguard is at lest range 3 of one of the allies do that also nigate the generation of the two dice?

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You are checking the conditions of the One-Two Punch card when you are playing the card, so the attackers portion of step 2d of the attack.

Once you've played the card, there are no conditions on the dice being added to the attack, so it doesn't change anything if the attack is body-guarded or the defender moves somehow.

As long as the attack is still occurring, you will still add two dice to the attack against the character.

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