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Anakin You Underestimate My Power Permanent effects?

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From the command card text:


Permanent. Anakin Skywalker gains 󲉢:󲉡 and Master Of The Force 1. Anakin Skywalker gains Defend 1. At the end of his activation, if he did not perform an attack, he gains 1 suppression token.

Question: Which parts are Permanent and which are for the turn the command card is played?  For example, does he get Defend 1 for the rest of the game?  And if Anakin doesn’t perform an attack in future turns, does that mean he gets a suppression at the end of those activations too?

My thinking is that Defend 1 and the suppression are probably this turn only, simply because of the stacking with the other two Anakin command cards, but it’s very unclear and causing debates.

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