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Displacing unit that has nowhere to move

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What will happen when a trooper unit that occupies limited space (example: on a roof of the building) is dispalaced by other unit (example: repulsory move of the speeder) and after placing unit that moved there is no enough space for displaced unit to be placed on same level and/or cohesion?

As rules says" When placing a displaced mini, it must remain on its original elevation, if possible." is that mean that on rare occasion it can change elevation level?

If so how new position will be determined - edge of terrain in move 1 range ?

Also all models from that unit will be moved on other level or only those for which there was not enough space?




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Hey there, 

Thats correct. You would displace the miniature as close as possible to a speed 1 move away, even if a height change is warranted. Only the displaced miniatures would move, unless the unit leader is moved and the unit must re-do its cohesion. 


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