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Do Jam Tokens have to choose a valid choice?

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As per the rules reference: "...When a ship becomes jammed, the player whose effect caused
the ship to gain the jam token chooses for the ship to either remove one of its
green tokens or break one of its locks. If either effect is resolved, it removes
the jam token. If the ship does not have any green tokens or is not maintaining
any locks, it remains jammed."

If I place a Jam token on an opponents ship which is maintaining a target lock but has no green tokens(or vice versa), can I then choose for the opposing ship to remove a green token(or vice versa)?
If so, what happens? Based on the wording, it does not remove the jam token but it has locks or tokens and thus it cannot remain jammed.

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If a ship gains a jam token, it must choose a valid option to break or remove, (ie. a lock token, or a green token) if one is available. A ship maintaining a lock that does not have any green tokens could not remove a green token, as there is no green token to remove. It would have to break one of its locks, and vice versa.

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