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Independent & Cad Bane's Divulge Card Interaction

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With Cad Bane's new "Independent: Dodge 2" keyword on his mercenary card, would he still get his dodge tokens if he chooses to divulge his "I Make The Rules Now" card round 1? 

He would not have an order at the start of the Activation phase (Here I Am states he issues himself an order when he's placed on the battlefield), so Independent technically does proc, HOWEVER Bane isn't on the battlefield yet when that happens. I guess the answer I'm looking for is whether a unit who is not on the battlefield can still gain tokens, since I can't find anything on that in RRG.

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Hey there, 

Yes. Because Cad Bane was not been issued an order, independent would trigger. This is congruent with a previous ruling which states that keywords like reliable x still trigger when a unit is off the board, such as when set aside for rapid reinforcements.


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