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Vehicle Balancing on Terrain

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Hi there, 

I apologize if this seems incredibly pedantic…

We had an interesting situation tonight where my AAT, when attached to the base, could not end its move on a piece of terrain as it would fall backwards and end at a greater than 45 degree angle.  The reason for this was that the clear plastic stand (which attaches the vehicle to the base) was adhered on the back half of the base (to allow me to see the front arc lines without needing to remove the vehicle from the base) creating a center of gravity not aligned with the center of the base.

Pg. 11 of the RRG suggests that I could place down an empty base to resolve this margin of error.  If I place an empty base down, it balances fine (1st photo).  If I take the vehicle and place it on the center of the base (but not attached to the stand), it balances fine (2nd photo).  

It seemed legal because nothing says I have to attach the vehicle to the base with the stand (again, I apologize if this seems pedantic).  We seemed to agree that a modeling choice shouldn’t create a disadvantage within the game, but we figured it best to ask in case other folks have run into this and as preparation for a more competitive game such as a tournament.




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Hey there,

From the margin of error section:

However, as a general rule, if overlapping a piece of terrain causes a mini to be unstable or fall over, or causes the mini’s base to be at an angle greater than 45 degrees, that mini cannot end a move in that position.

As mentioned in your post, the position was unstable for your AAT, or would cause the base to angle higher than 45 degrees. Therefore, it would not be a legal position to move to in the first place.


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