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Walking through doors, tunnels, and under obstacles when the model is taller than them

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Hi, Are there any restrictions on the movement of models as they pass through doors, tunnels, under obstacles with a "roof" that is lower than the model height? Is such a move legal? Can the model pass through e.g. a door whose height is lower than that of the model? Can the speeder bike travel through a tunnel with a ceiling lower than the model?

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Hey there, 

Unit Leaders follow the path created along the movement tool while moving - this includes the miniatures base. If they cannot physically fit through the gap (note: use silhouette for for small based troopers) then they cannot complete the move. 

For units certain units (like the speed used in your example), remember they ignore terrain up to height 1 while moving, so you may still be able to complete the movement depending on the situation. 


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