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Vader X1 pilot ability vs scenario actions

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What is the current ruling on Vader x1 "free actions" versus scenario actions?

Scenario rules state:

A ship can perform a scenario action only during its Perform Action step. Therefore, a ship cannot perform a scenario action if it is granted an action at any other time.

Vader X1 pilot ability:

After you perform an action, you may spend 1 FORCE to perform an action.


In general terms, are these "free actions" still happening in his perform action step? Or do they happen into "another time" and then would be excluded by the scenario rules?

Assuming we are not in a coordinated Vader scenario, that is, assuming that Vader X1 has revealed his dial, executed a maneuver, and did his perform action step, can then Vader spend force to perform a tow/scramble?

E.g. Reveal dial, execute maneuver, barrel roll as his "Perform Action Step action", then use the barrel roll to get in range 1 of token and spend force to perform tow/scramble? Would this be a legal play?

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