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A couple of Unnatural Resources questions:

1. Can you trigger “Disturbing the Waters” more than once per activation?

2. Does Force Pushing a unit into range 1 trigger “Disturbing the Waters”?

3. If you Move then Move and end up at range 1 of the Dianoga, do you trigger “Disturbing the Waters” or “Lash Out” or both?

Here’s an example from a game today. Op Vader uses Force Push to move an enemy to within Range 1 of the Dianoga and triggers “Disturbing the Water”. Dianoga is placed within range two of its current position and just within range one of the enemy but beyond range 1 of Op Vader. It lashes out. Op Vader then takes a move action into range 1 of the Dianoga again triggering it. It’s placed within range 2 and lashes out again. Vader then uses his second action to move again into range 1. At this point, Vader has done his two actions and has exhausted Force Push. Vader has no other free actions he can do. So, Vader just moved into range 1 of the Dianoga  and also just completed his activation within Range 1 of the Dianoga; which Key Word triggers? “Disturbing the Waters” or “Lash Out”?

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Hey There

1. Yes

2. Yes, and the Pusher decides the move

3. If you move, and leave the Dianoga token within range 1 after completing the Disturbing trigger, it will Lash Out a third time due to you ending your activation in range 2. Essentially, if a unit moves into range 1 of a dianoga token and chooses to keep it in range one, it will "double double-tap through the triggering unit will also take the effects of both Lash Out triggers.

In your example, Disturbing would be triggered 4 times, as well as Lash Out. Vader would be hit by the final 2 Lash Outs

Hope that helps! 


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