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Overrun w/ Multiple Mini Unit

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In the RRG Overrun reads, “…A unit with an overrun weapon can immediately perform an overrun attack after it performs a move in which one or more of its miniature’s bases overlapped an enemy miniature’s base.…”

Does that mean unit A can overrun unit B as long as unit A had passed by unit B and while unit A was passing by it was within cohesion distance of unit B? So it’s not just the base of the leader mini in unit A as it passes along it’s movement tool, but the leader mini plus the second mini that is in cohesion and following its leader mini?

I hope that makes sense.😅

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Hey there, 

No. You need to move through the unit, so cohesion would not be a valid overrun trigger. The second miniature in a swoop bike unit is placed, which cannot cause displacement and isn’t moving through anywhere from one area to the next. 


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