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Contingency and divulge.

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So Cad and Vader both have divulge cards that specify that you must select them first round.  


I believe that you should be able to use contingency to replace the card based on when contingency activates.

Per the rules page 27 command phase step 1 is select

1. Select Command Card:Select Command Card: Each player secretly selects a command card from their hand and places it facedown on the table. Then, both players simultaneously reveal their cards.


Contingency per rules page 29 

After a player reveals a command card, before any other effects are resolved, that player may discard it to reveal one of their setaside contingency cards instead.


So you should be able to select the divulged command card which is placing it face down and reveling it meeting the requirements on the divulged card to select it first.  

I also think you can because contingency discards the original selected card.  So as it is discarded it is not a valid card to select much like how hans card change of plans can make them not valid cards and overide the must be selected first text on the card.




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Hey there, 

You cannot use contingencies on a card that states “this must be played turn 1”, Their effect has already been revealed during the deployment step, so the contingency text is not valid, as there is no facedown card waiting to be revealed. 

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