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Up Close and personal says after performing an attack, gain a dodge. The requirement is solely involved in an attack not an attack action etc. Does that mean when you have multiable attack pools, say from having 2 diffrent guns. The attack order 9) resolve attack (triggering up Close and personal) goto step 10) you have an attack pool you have yet to resolve so repeat steps 4-9 gaining you another dodge after step 9 cause you resolved an attack pool. Don't know if this was the intended language or how it plays out but it's how I interpret the wording


Middle bullet point says each attack pool counts as an attack for game effects, but also says counts as one attack so its kinda sending mix signals 

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Hey there, 

It depends on the situation. You would not get multiple dodges for splitting fire with Arsenal or two weapons with different names, as they are all part of the same attack/attack action. You would however get two dodges when utilizing Gunslinger, as that is a second, separate attack.


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